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About Our Methodology

Coaching Education

All coaches are certified through the A2D Soccer Coaching Education Curriculum. Many coaches carry NSCAA or US Youth Soccer Licenses as well as some UEFA Level and other coaching certificates.

All A2D Soccer coaches have prior playing experience with some having professional playing experience.

All are skilled and educated in Technical skill training and how to break down to the simplest level for the least skilled or most skilled players. 

Professional Curriculum

Curriculum has been developed by Brent Goulet – former US Olympian, USMNT Player, European Player & Coach, and UEFA Pro License Coach.

Our program is created on sports science and biomechanics to teach correct technique at the earliest of ages and perfect that over a child’s playing time.

We are constantly updating and altering our curriculum and offerings to meet the needs of our students at any level and age. 

Player Development Path

We have evolved to multiple levels of training available to serve players from the entry level youth to the highest-level collegiate players.

We give all parents an entry evaluation of their player and direct their learning not for the next 2 months but what they will need now and in the future to be an exceptional player.

We believe a player who attends A2D training consistently, practices what they learn throughout the week, and has a passion for the game will be successful in achieving their goals.  

1-v-1 Challenging & Fun

Our sport used to teach and train players confidence with a ball and maximizing touches on a ball is 1-v-1.

We construct small courts of 7 x 15 yards with cones at each end. The area teaches a player that control of a ball is more important to winning than kick and run. A player with speed is great on a big field, but skill is required to win in small areas and as a player advances all players become more equal on speed…so skill becomes the winning component. 

The greater confidence a player has in their own technical abilities, the more fun they will have with each new challenge.

SuperSkills Membership

The annual membership in A2D Soccer's SuperSkills program provides your player with:

  • Access to a discount on weekly, indoor training sessions
  • Jersey that will change with their soccer skill progression from Beginner to Advanced
  • A step-by-step curriculum scheduled over an 8-week, flexible timeframe
  • Homework series to work on between class sessions